Reservation for people with disabilities

To request, disabled people must send an email at least one month before the event to info@duepuntieventi.com indicating the following information:

– attach law 104 or disability certification

– indicate the event you are interested in

– indicate presence or absence of wheelchair for ambulation

The ticket office will take requests in chronological order and, subject to availability in the dedicated area, will email all necessary information.

The person with a certificate enters free of charge but an accompanying person is obligatory who pays the price of the relevant ticket.

It will not be possible to issue admission tickets for dedicated areas on the evening of the event.


In the case of events with standing room only, free admission is allowed for children under the age of 6 accompanied by at least one adult who must have compulsorily purchased a ticket. In the case of events with

In the case of events with numbered seats, children under the age of 3 may remain seated with their parent without, however, causing disturbance or discomfort to other spectators in any case. If the child occupies a seat, arrangements must be made to purchase the seat.

All minors up to 14 years of age must attend the event accompanied by an adult with a regular Entrance Ticket. In the case of entering the Event without an adult chaperone, no liability will be placed on DuePunti Eventi should problems arise related to such a violation.